Thursday, June 6, 2013


iBlue Revolution, is an internet support group to promote the development of multi-purpose marine industrial platforms to initiate the Blue Revolution (Shimuzu's concept to the right).  The "i" is symbolic of the virtual reality characterizing this organization.  We will not:
  • be incorporated,
  • handle any finances and
  • have any legal status.

iBlue Revolution has one purpose:  spur the creation of a billion dollar fund to design, construct and operate the first pre-commercial open ocean complex.  We will steer potential sponsors to key organizations capable of meeting this mission.  Global information exchange is sought to help form world-wide partnerships.

For the present, I, Patrick Takahashi, will serve as the coordinator, and have formed an informal discussion group of advisors.  Let me know if you wish to be added to this list by commenting below.  As some of you know, I have had a daily blog for the past five years now:

I will continue this service, and in addition, sporadically insert articles at this site focused on the Blue Revolution.

The International Space Station is a $150 billion attempt to create industries in space.  The Blue Revolution can be initiated with less than one percent of that amount for our next economic prospect, the ocean.  At one time the Cold War made necessary ventures like Project Apollo.  It is now no longer necessary for a Mission to Mars, or even again to the Moon.  Efforts like the B612 Foundation, led by former astronaut Ed Lu, to track and neutralize potentially deadly asteroids, make sense, but the real business opportunity for the next century remains on Planet Earth, and the final frontier is the ocean.

The seas around us are ideally conformed to provide next generation fisheries, marine biomass plantations, green chemicals, sustainable energy resources, exciting habitats for floating cities and industrial parks, while providing options for remediating global warming and preventing the formation of deadly hurricanes.  A series of articles I published in the Huffington Post provides background information:
There is a non-profit organization called Blue Revolution Hawaii, which has proposed the Pacific International Ocean Station for this purpose.  Their Board (which I am on, but I would resign if my dual role becomes a conflict of interest) has blessed my effort to independently and in parallel carry out this informational attempt to spur major funding for the actual station itself.  A second organization, the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research, has been contacted to  gain their possible involvement in this adventure.